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Online Internship Stories: Through the Eyes of Jane

A working environment that you can only dream of? Is this true in Krona? Here I will spill out all the truths of how it is like to work in this digital marketing agency. 


Disclaimer: This non-sponsored article solely comes from opinions of my own.


As a Vietnamese girl from a beautiful coastal city in the North of Vietnam, my stumbling on Krona is not dramatic or unusual. However, I expected to write down that I met Krona’s CEO in a restaurant where I was a poor waitress, and he suddenly saw talents shining out of me. 


In contrast, like you or anyone else, after finishing my freshman year, I decided to have an internship to enhance my soft skills and “real-world” knowledge. I applied through a third party, AIESEC, because I wanted to work abroad. 


I came across Krona when I saw a Facebook post on an AIESEC group saying, “here are some great internship opportunities in Indonesia.” I knew right away that Krona was a huge opportunity I couldn’t miss when I saw its website. “The team behind this GenZ-style content must be really open-minded, funny, and professional,” I told myself. 


After submitting the CV, I successfully had an interview with Krona, and everything went smoothly. A tip for the interview? I don’t have any, but remember that they are human-being and will not bite you!



My first day at Krona was dull. Yes! You hear it right, BORING! Why? Because everyone wanted you to take it easy and slow. Therefore, not many tasks were assigned to me during the first month to learn and adapt.


During my first month, the most surprising thing that I found was interacting with my boss and my colleagues. I could even chit-chat or have personal talks with my boss without thinking this was inappropriate. I loved that my previous job had many strict rules and gaps between the boss and the employees. 


My rule of thumb was, “do not hesitate to show that you lack understanding, just ask when you don’t understand.” That was why my colleague and my boss were flooded with questions during the first month. Nevertheless, they didn’t hesitate to answer in detail and even arranged a meeting with me for further explanation. 


I still remember when my colleague taught me why people use “mas” or “mba” in group chats. Now I know “mas” means brother, and “mba” means sister in Bahasa Indonesia. Or when I raised my confusion about why not everyone wore the hijab to my colleagues, I received lots of laughs and detailed explanations about Indonesian religions. I had never seen such friendliness and hospitality before. I felt like I was at home.


The second and third months kicked in with lots of work, where I got slapped with a reality check. Krona had the best-ever working environment with very supportive colleagues and bosses.



However, the workload was as much as any other agencies I know. Everyone had a hectic schedule, but that didn’t stop my colleagues from explaining to me the Indonesian culture or stop my boss from instructing me. 


Working on proposals and quotations was stressful, but discussions about Indonesian religions and cultures continued. Aside from the knowledge, I learned other essential abilities – leadership from my boss, kindness from my colleagues, and business from all the meetings I joined. 


The working environment is the best thing in Krona, where everyone can express their ideas, joke around with their colleagues, and befriend their boss without fear of being inappropriate.


Ultimately, I was in love with all of that. I am sure that everyone will feel the same way when they become a part of Krona’s big family. I had gained a lot from the internship, and the memories of Krona’s family would last forever. 


*As written by Jane, edited by Annisa.

Emma Trinh About the author

Being a Marketing Management Graduate, I view myself more as a humanitarian enthusiast. You are more likely to find me journaling, speculating the streets, or conversing with a good friend. That's where the messages I want to convey come from. Through writing and digital assistance, I strive for connection with our community.




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