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Beware of Fraud Recruitment

Announcement : Beware of Fraud Recruitment

Krona has been made aware of unauthorized individuals or organizations falsely using the company name and logo in emails, social media, and other electronic media in an attempt to attract and scam interested job seekers or members of the public by soliciting up-front fees for job recruitment within Krona.


Recently, we have had reports of at least three fraud cases circulating. Without our knowledge and permission, individual(s) purporting to be or represent Krona recruiter(s) on WhatsApp have misled job seekers and non-applicants to participate in recruitment processes, inviting job seekers to apply for a part-time job said to be in affiliation with an eCommerce company, and doing bogus interviews asking the job seekers to come to a certain location. 


Krona does not authorize such recruitment and would NEVER request money transfers or payment of any kind from applicants for recruitment or other purposes.


We also urge the public to be vigilant and not respond to such fraudulent messages and emails. Krona is not responsible for any damage and loss caused by fraud cases.


Official information on the job vacancies for Krona employees is only announced through the official website at www.krona.co.id, LinkedIn Krona Digital Marketing Agency, or Instagram @krona.indonesia Email communication on recruitment from Krona, if any, would be sent by Krona officials using only the email domain of hr@krona.id.


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