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Annual Leave Is Important For Employee Health

Why do people avoid holidays? but regardless of the reason, taking time off – especially from demanding jobs – has immediate benefits in terms of decreasing stress and overwhelming.


The emergence of a trend among those with an obsessive sense of passion is someone who holds multiple jobs because they feel less active as a result of the requirements and restrictions of working from home. They then believe that working is the only way to reduce stress and desire to have multiple sources of income.


Taking time out for a week to two weeks is enough to recover and experience a boost of positive emotions. This will begin to decline as the time off comes to an end, but still offers the break needed to recharge your batteries. Although this benefit is only temporary, it can assist in achieving the cumulative annual leave for health requirement.



Fun Fact!

  1. 44% of employees do not take their full annual leave entitlement because they are too busy!
  2. Employees are 65% less creative and miss deadlines when they don’t take breaks.
  3. Workers who get enough sleep are 38% less likely to have accidents at work.


What Are the Benefits When You Take Annual Leave?

Now, try to ask them!


“How about taking a vacation on your annual leave?” 


They will say that the holiday makes them feel more focused, refreshed, ready and raring to start work compared to the latter part of each year when breaks are less or fewer.


A study by the America’s International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans found that employees who take their annual leaves are 40% more productive and less irritable, depressed, forgetful and easily fatigued compared to employees who don’t take annual leaves.


Sometimes you want to open a travel app and look for references to vacation and staycation destinations far from where you live. However, there are times when various obstacles, such as high ticket prices and so on, make you dizzy.


To refresh your mind without having to spend a lot of money, there are a number of other options available. The following holiday activities can improve wellbeing:



1. Take annual leave with Relaxation


Relaxation can help reduce anxiety by practicing simple breathing techniques in addition to getting calm. You can meditate at home using mindfulness techniques or simply go for a short walk in the yard.



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2. Spend Time in Nature


When you work, you are more likely to be confronted with gadget screens and other electronics; some are entirely indoors, while others are constantly confronted with the hustle and bustle of the city, and so on.


Spend as much time as possible in nature during your annual leave because it can help improve your emotional and psychological well-being. You can fill your time by gardening, exercising, cycling, or simply enjoying the scenery.



3. Self Development


Take the time to explore your interests. If you enjoy reading, plan to read a book during the holidays; reading can help you gain new insights as well as support your mind and mood.


Or play an instrument or sing if you enjoy music! because it can spark interest and allow people to express yourself through music



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4. Gather With Your Friends


You can tell your friends anything and have fun with them; you can go around town together, eat together, and do other things. Apart from friendships, you get the impression that even though you are busy at work, you still have friends who are willing to listen.


These are some references for leave activities that you may find useful. The most important thing to remember is that the activities you engage in can boost your happiness. Because if you are happy, your mood and mind will be prosperous as well. Want to know how critical it is to help employees stay healthy and happy? Please click here!


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