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5 Ways To Make Your Pitch Presentation Stand-Out to Clients

For digital marketing agencies, sometimes a killer pitch presentation skill is all you need. Surely that is not the only factor for a successful pitching to clients –  other reasons like a compelling idea deck and fresh ideas are also important. But when you pitch an idea to a client, you have to remember that your client probably already heard about that very same idea and strategies from another agency.


You can’t control what other agencies might propose to your clients or potential clients, but you can at least make your pitching deck stand out by working around how you communicate your amazing ideas to them. Having attended quite a few pitching presentations myself, I picked up some useful tips from my colleagues and seniors.



Imagine you are running a daycare, treat your clients as if they are the parents

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Let’s analogize. Your clients have probably already worked on their products for a very long time. They grew them and have a certain attachment to them. The products they are offering are basically their babies. They probably went to you because they have to work on other things, or they are probably frustrated that the “baby” they adore and care of so much can’t meet their expectations.


Like a teacher at a daycare, you have to convince them that you will handle their product with care and diligence. When you are presenting your ideas, it is advisable to convey that you know and respect the fact that your clients know their products the best.  You are just there to help them rise to their full potential.


Forbes advises to never underestimate the amount of ego in the room, using a modest but confident tone is the way to go. Being aggressive will only translate into defensiveness and hostility. Making sure they know that you are there for their rescue will go a long way.



Compare their situation to our daily life

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Believe it or not, brands and companies can also go through the same mundane daily-life-like things as us. Before you start your pitch presentation, you can make a special time to look for that middle ground. Find out things about their brand that you can utilize into a little personal anecdote. That way, you can build that sense of belonging and sameness.


This kind of storytelling usually works when a company wants to communicate their products to the public in a relatable way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it too. Make them see how well you can make their audiences relate to their products, by making them relate to you.


Getting a little personal never hurts. It will only help you build a stronger connection and conduct a killer pitch presentation. Keep in mind to avoid cheesy-overly-seasoned stories or dragging on the story too much, though. You can also read about brand storytelling further here. 



Serve simple and easy to digest data

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Now that you have touched the sentimental side of your clients, it’s time to serve them with tangible data and comparisons. The first thing you have to pay attention to is how you present your data. Presenting your deck with a crowded graph and charts can be overwhelming and difficult to digest.


When addressing growth, make sure your data should be sequential or chronological. You don’t even have to show them fancy charts or graphs. A compelling story, accompanied by highlighted data will also work. Be creative!



Include variety of case studies and references 

Including similar case studies in your pitching date seems like a no-brainer, isn’t it? But in order to have a killer presentation pitch, you should also consider including the ones that probably don’t look that similar on the surface. You don’t have to give the detailed explanation, just enough to showcase your expertise in various situations.


To back you up on this, you can also provide 1-2 sentence testimonials from past clients. This way, your potential clients would know that you have experience and provide high-quality work and instead of just praising yourself. Consider it as a miniature influencer marketing.



See giving free tips and insights as an investment

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When you are presenting your ideas, you can also give them additional tips and insights to make your pitch stand out even more. Give the client a taste of what is like to work with you. Give them spontaneous advices here and there so they can see the additional values you can add.


Rather than looking at it like you’re working for free, see it as an investment. Doing this will paint you as a helpful and insightful person they can rely on when they decide to work with you. For example, you can give them a SEO tip that the client can take action easily. You can give insights to your overseas clients on the benefits of content localization.


I’m not saying that you have to be an all-rounder who knows all the nitty-gritty things about digital marketing to have a killer pitch presentation. But preparing a few supposedly spontaneous things to advise to potential clients won’t hurt, right?



Any other tips of a killer pitch presentation?

what about you? Do you have any helpful but simple tips in your pocket that you swear by? Let’s discuss in the comment section!



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Annisa Shafira About the author

Annisa is a Public Relations graduate from Universitas Padjadjaran and a self-proclaimed avid diarist. Her interest in writing sparked when she was a Journalist Intern in DetikCom, since then she has been passionately pouring her thoughts into writings.




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