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Krona Turns 8: An Octennium of Digital Connectivity


Though we are only 8 years old, we have actually learned quite a lot of things. We don’t mean to boast our capabilities, but a lot of occurrences and trends were faced throughout our journey.


Back when we began building our so-called mini empire, we thought digital marketing was all about rebranding, changing logos to pretty colors with numerous awe-inspiring gradient effects. Not to mention, quirky font styles. 


As with marketing trends, we also believed in several false stereotypes like all content is equal. 


In the end, we were wrong. Looking back at the past 8 years, the art of digital marketing is more than just designing and selling a pen. It’s also about the community, brands and small businesses and how they partner up and support each other.


Here are 8 primary lessons we’ve learned along the way.



Always think about the customers and community who are impacted by our businesses



It’s no secret that digital marketing is a customer-centric business. When you think about it, your customers and the communities around it are the breath of your company’s longevity.


 Make sure to consider them in each of your decision-making processes. Then, it is easy for the customers to compare their experience with your businesses and your competitors.


It’s okay to make mistakes once in a while, but make sure to learn from them – own up to your mistakes



Digital marketing is ever changing with almost too many trends and updates across different platforms to keep up with. It takes a specific effort to master them all quickly. Therefore mistakes are inevitable. Remember not to beat yourself and your team too hard for the flaws being made; instead, learn from them and understand that digital marketing is an ongoing learning process.


Also, don’t forget to come clean and take responsibility.


Make sure to name your company something every human being can pronounce and remember



To Impress, accommodate, and be remembered are humanly pleasures we can’t help but indulge in.  The same goes for businesses. In this case, the company name is often your first impression with customers and even investors. They see your company name, and they either remember it or they don’t.


There are a lot of things to be considered when naming your company, but making sure it’s pronounceable and easy to remember are the ones that will guarantee you all the good things.


Being nice to others would bring in nice clients



We all know the famous saying “what goes around comes around” or maybe the more modern one, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” Through our experience, we genuinely believe that being nice and understanding would lead to better things in the business world. No matter how demanding a client might be, showing empathy would return the favor to us.


Not all kinds of marketing activities have dark agendas – they are not so evil after all



The common narrative is that marketing is an unethical activity that attempts to manipulate you into spending on something you consciously wouldn’t spend on. The truth is marketing is a necessary activity to get your message across, which allows your products to reach people that probably didn’t even know that there was a solution to their problem.


Even if you’re selling something as trivial as a head massager, it will help people with headaches somewhere. Don’t let this narrative put you down; what you are doing right now matters.


Working together with a client can lead to an actual friendship (real friends in the physical world)



As we grow older, making friends can get tricky. However, working on a project with a client could build an unexpected friendship built on trust. It was kind of similar to accidentally making friends while working on a group project back at school.


It’s okay to leave the Yankees to play amateur ring toss



Don’t be afraid to take on small projects. Going back to basics is sometimes what it takes to get a helicopter view of what you should do next. You might even get a eureka moment and finally find out what you have been missing all this time!


Don’t cut corners. Commit to what you offer



In a growing business, things can get overwhelming. You might struggle to find balance while figuring out the best step for each project. At times like this, shortcuts are tempting, but delivering exactly what you offered (and more) is more important in the long run.



Our #eightventure does not end here. Instead, let’s build another amazing relationship to stay relevant!

Annisa Shafira About the author

Annisa is a Public Relations graduate from Universitas Padjadjaran and a self-proclaimed avid diarist. Her interest in writing sparked when she was a Journalist Intern in DetikCom, since then she has been passionately pouring her thoughts into writings.




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