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3 Business Content Ideas For Instagram Reels 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, businesses have been looking into Instagram reels and considering it as a new content growth opportunity.


These reels are designed to be short videos with a maximum of 15 seconds, so they don’t require overly invested content and can be created inside the app. Also, reels are noticeably efficient in acquiring high-quality viewers who are willing to know you and your brand.


However, it can still be a waste of time if we don’t know what kind of content idea to create for our target audiences. This new playground is indeed tempting, but it could be pointless if there’s no clear planning for content idealization and execution.

Why don’t we have a look at the 3 suggestions prepared below, before starting our journey on Instagram reels?




Lifestyle can be anything about you and your surroundings. From the normal daily routine, hobbies, fitness, fashion to interior designs, study habits, meditation, motivational advice.


Unlike formal content, which is to educate and sell products to customers, lifestyle ones are more personally attached. In every scene, the creator seems like they are having fun, showing out their personality and more importantly, their authenticity.


But similar to sales-oriented posts, lifestyle content has to provide the audience something valuable, triggering them to watch and consistently follow the creator for more videos.




Content idea regarding lifestyle


This type of content has a unique charm and appeal because they are relatable.


Aside from an ideal life routine they provide, they also display intimate details. For instance, there are scenes where creators lying on comfy beds, pranking their pets, making coffee, or covering up pimples.


Personal touches and small little things can really help an Instagram reel stands out.


A sense of role-playing that viewers get also boosts this content category. Somehow, people can imagine their ideal life routines, their future selves, or get immersed into a dream-like world on the other side of the screen.


Businesses can plan their scripts based on this insight, inspiring their viewers to take action for a better, healthier life.




The internet in general and social media in specific, have been submerged by a huge number of life quotes.


Even though it’s all over the place, people seem to never get bored of it. The reason is likely because of occasionally mental cravings and emotional instability. We are constantly in need of affirmations and acknowledgment from someone or something, no matter the source.


Reels can also use audio versions for quotes, combining with an authentic voice. You need to care about the content on a personal level for the reels to be both relatable and original.


Visually, creators can put in inspiring scenes such as taking up challenges or getting over breakdowns, so that they would match well with the audio quotes and deliver a message with real connection.




Content idea regarding knowledge


Most people expect some kind of entertainment when it comes to surfing social media and to be more precise, Instagram reels content.


But that’s just the tip of an iceberg. Deep down inside, everybody wants to learn something useful so that they can walk away from your content with motivations and actionable thoughts.


Not only does it make the viewers feel like they have used their time wisely but it also reminds them to come back for more tips and positive energy.




Youngsters who haven’t decided their future career paths are highly active on social media. They are curious, brimming with passion and excitement for what’s presenting to them every single day.


As a teenager, they are easily distracted by multiple resources coming at their directions. It would be a lifesaver if some businesses can just provide necessary information with a young and localized approach.




Whereas hard skills are a bit difficult to learn through Instagram reels, soft skills are perfect since they are flexible and highly interactive. It’s always more effective to take on skills right after someone has done a clear and expressive example for you.


Businesses can build trust by proving their name in the industry, then post regular reels to share skills that are used in the workplace. Public speaking, teamwork, problem-solving, document creation tips, etc…




Knowing the trends is the most obvious proof that you’re staying in sync with everyone and your community.

That’s why it’s so impulsive for viewers to learn about what’s going on or what’s going viral on the internet.

Through Instagram reels, they are able to approach trends in a more exciting and entertaining way.


Acting and dancing are some of the most responsive content on Instagram reels for their energetic and diversified traits. The interactive expression from actors also plays a big part in making this genre popular.


In this case, businesses have to find a talented, naturally attractive person to own the cameras. Not to mention audio choices must be compatible with the script.


Content idea regaring trends




Apart from how much a person loves their work, they prioritize their family and friends, life experiences, and hobbies so much more. Therefore, they are likely to invest time in anything that leads to a happier life.


That’s exactly where true content ideas come from. It’s everywhere around us. You just need to be observant and connected to your environment, seeing and feeling what’s happening in people’s lives.


Content is all about the creator’s thoughtfulness, intentional planning, and some extra creativity.

Emma Trinh About the author

Being a Marketing Management Graduate, I view myself more as a humanitarian enthusiast. You are more likely to find me journaling, speculating the streets, or conversing with a good friend. That's where the messages I want to convey come from. Through writing and digital assistance, I strive for connection with our community.




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