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Get Organized with Notion In 2021

Could you imagine a day when all struggles with getting organized would just completely disappear with the help of Notion?

When we’re productive at a certain level, there are no boundaries to wanting advancement and getting things done.


Notion does wonders to our working and task-oriented behaviors by showing up as “The all-in-one workspace”.


Instead of using different applications for different aspects, such as the note app on your phone for random reminders or Excel for Project Management, how about grouping them into one platform?


Notion has a huge stock of professional templates for one’s specific needs, providing standardized layouts for every personal use.


Your Team Productivity


And today, we are going to look into how people get organized with Notion and improve life’s quality.


More Organized Tasks With Notion


Don’t hesitate to try even if you feel reluctant or overwhelmed with the act of changing platforms. Notion can actually import all of your files and tasks from other pages and you can collect all information on one page, just like a wiki.


Roadmap Template


There are several working templates, highly related to the tasks of a Digital Marketer.

For example, Notion provides a project tracking layout like “Roadmap” which divides different job types and phases into separate categories.


When accessing this page, you’ll immediately see the status whether it’s in progress or completed.

Then you can easily determine what you’ll need to accomplish first, in other words, the priority of your tasks.


What’s more, the account owner can assign jobs to their teammates and put their names right under the task titles. Similar to Facebook, every time you mention somebody, it’ll notice them so as to ensure the communication flow goes well among the team.


Template for Digital Marketers


Content Calendar Template


Another template that would be exceptionally useful for digital planning and execution is the “Content Calendar”.


As fresh content comes in many forms like blogs, videos, or social media posts, it’s considerably common for Digital Marketing managers to overlook either the big picture or small details.


With an outline exposed and easily seen at first sight, strategy becomes clear, opening a path for you and your team to meet goals. Notion users can focus on driving results instead of searching for scripts and information on multiple file containers.


Get organized with Notion


Other incredible templates are “Research Database”, “Brand Assets”, “Sales CRM”, etc. They are all flexible in layout designing, capable of containing links, motion graphics, and descriptive images.


It feels like you are bringing all kinds of information and data you need into a collection. Then, the first thing you would be doing after starting the computer is to access your personalized Notion homepage.


Notion Supports Self Management


Self-management and development are definitely not exclusive to Marketing officers as it is crucial to all of us.


The benefits acquired from personal improvement apply to every single aspect of life. Whether it’s your relationship skills or your career’s expertise, inner self-work provides tremendous impact.


Habit Tracker Template


As much as you need to track your workflow, it’s equally important to take notes regarding your habit building, its potential problems, and the overall effects.


Within Notion, one of the best templates for personal use is the “Habit Tracker”. Simple as it may seem, simplicity is actually what we need for long-term consistency.

You can list down your wanting-to-have habits and place the finished ticks every day of the week.


Get organized with Notion


Reading List Template


Another self-checking asset is the “Reading List”, especially effective for bookworms who need their own library database.


Readers can input some highlighting piece of information, or influential quotes acquired from the books.

Thus, they can give personal opinions and summaries, categorize books into specific groups.


Get organized with Notion




In Notion, you can create different types of databases including a table, calendar, list, and board. The variety of layouts organized in Notion enhances data portraits, triggers creativity, and boosts daily productivity.


Truth to be told, there might be low-efficient first-time experiences with Notion. It might cost you an amount of time and constant effort before you can master how to use, then optimize it.


Nevertheless, it’s worth the try as this software will be a good tool for you and your teammates to practice better management.

Emma Trinh About the author

Being a Marketing Management Graduate, I view myself more as a humanitarian enthusiast. You are more likely to find me journaling, speculating the streets, or conversing with a good friend. That's where the messages I want to convey come from. Through writing and digital assistance, I strive for connection with our community.




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