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How Interpersonal Skills Can Level Up Productivity In Just 3 Ways

Let’s say that effective communication skills and productivity are the cornerstones to boost your business. But frankly, to be a good communicator or an excellent worker, you need interpersonal skills. They are necessary for the establishment of relationships, leading to a mutual exchange of information and ideas.


What’s more, interpersonal skills are crucial for you to be productive. Besides organizing or making a to-do list, you can work more efficiently by knowing yourself and how you best interact with others.


Interpersonal skills can also be referred to as soft skills or people skills, which means it regards working with yourself. In this article, I will state the core values of the internal self-work and how it falls into accordance with productivity.




Interpersonal Skills


With self-awareness, you will be more mindful of your strengths, weaknesses, and emotions. This leads to a recognition of what drives your subconscious choices. You realize you chose to stay up late last night for a new movie episode, and that choice was influenced by a stressful week.


When people are self-aware, they actively alter internal thoughts to make the appropriate changes. They know what is important to them, and constantly check in with themselves to see whether it’s in sync. This simply, in return, increases productivity.


If you want to make a change in how you are doing in the workplace, in a Digital Agency? — Look inside yourself for information.

Be honest, take your time and a whole lot of me-time. Then prepare a notebook, a pen to start introducing yourself to yourself.




Self-Knowlegde for Productivity


“I have a very short attention span. Sometimes if there are no messages, I will feel an impulse to check if there’s anything I can do to disrupt my current task. I feel bad about this since my productivity is relatively low.”


This is an example of a person with good self-awareness. She can dictate feelings and behaviors which cause a non-preferred productivity level. However, it would make a change if she can come to understand why she feels that impulse.


That’s what self-knowledge is for. While being aware, you look for the reason, specifically for yourself in your personal situation, and bring forward a solution. In the previous example, her reasons could be that she is used to having stimulations all the time. 


This habit stems from being exposed to too much social media or external forces. Accordingly, she can download focus-enhancing applications for support or set time-bound tasks.




Interpersonal acts


Last but definitely not least, you need to practice empathy for yourself to produce more.

Now that you are highly aware and have a good amount of self-knowledge, there will be truths you don’t want to accept and embrace. These can be negative traits, humane characteristics, or failures you just can’t tolerate. 


However, beating yourself up for your mistakes could backfire, since high-performance expectations may actually hinder productivity. Several studies show that interpersonal skills like treating yourself with kindness could gain better results

Self-compassion sets a balance between self-acceptance and self-improvement. It involves taking an empathetic but realistic look at your experience.


 If you tend to think that you aren’t good enough, you could benefit from practicing a little more self-compassion. Truthfully, accepting yourself for who you are may help you become productive in wanted aspects.


Start telling yourself supportive affirmations and giving praises to yourself for working hard, for being consistent.

Every time you feel negative emotions towards your drawbacks or poor performance, do some journaling and write down your thoughts. Revise them later and track your progress to see how far you’ve gotten.




Just taking on external and visible habits won’t improve your productivity altogether. It’s how you deal with the turmoil inside, how you apply interpersonal skills that would actually help you do better and feel better.

Work on yourself first so that when you come into contact with others, you’ve already known who you are to truly connect with them.

Emma Trinh About the author

Being a Marketing Management Graduate, I view myself more as a humanitarian enthusiast. You are more likely to find me journaling, speculating the streets, or conversing with a good friend. That's where the messages I want to convey come from. Through writing and digital assistance, I strive for connection with our community.




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