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Marketing On Pinterest: Why And How?

Marketing on Pinterest might sound foreign since this platform seems like a niche social media, resulting in inefficient conversion issues. However, this app has come a long way, no longer limited to being a place just for new inspirations and trends.


Why should we promote on Pinterest?


What sets Pinterest apart from others is its ability to save or “pin” a post you like to your own board. Users can have several saved boards for a variety of interests. This turns Pinterest from a pure social network to something similar to a search engine and a personal wish list.


What makes it more unique is that you can follow other people’s boards if they set it public. As there are many others who have the same interests and preferences, it’s highly convenient to view each other’s pins. It’s also possible to send messages and keep in touch with your favorite Pinners.


People on Pinterest are always eager to find inspirations, new things to try, and answers to their problems. You see, they are ready to take action.


Users browse their feeds, look for topics they’re interested in and click on Pins to explore. Meeting this touch-point, your content can fit right in and help people decide what to buy next. This makes Pinterest uniquely good at driving conversions and leads generating.



According to Pinterest statistics, a Pinterest user has a 33% more inclination to access your site from a post than a Facebook user is. Pinterest wants you to share links to your content, products, and services. Therefore, every pin you add to the platform includes a link leading back to your page.


The fall-back is that Pinterest has a smaller user base than most of the other social networks. While 2.7 billion people are using Facebook every month and half a billion use Instagram, Pinterest has only reached 250 million monthly users. 


However, in marketing, we all know that it’s not the number that matters, it’s the quality. Even if a million people see your ad, but there are only a few of them making the purchase, is it worth it?


On Pinterest


Here are 5 short but helpful statistics that can help you consider doing Marketing on Pinterest:


1. Pinterest users watch nearly one billion videos per day


Not everyone links Pinterest to videos, but it’s been growing on the platform. To support the growth, the company recently introduced Pinterest Premiere ad packages, which are set up to enhance the performance of video campaigns.


2. 85% of Pinners stated they use Pinterest for projects planning


While how people use Pinterest is versatile, a noticeable percentage of Pinners are planners. It’s very likely that people come to Pinterest when they are in the early stages of a project.


3. Advertisers can reach more than 200 million people on Pinterest


Pinterest Ads


Pinterest’s changes in advertising reach went up by 6.2% and will likely continue to rise over the year. The reason is partly that Pinterest is adding more countries to its ad targeting range.


4. A 300% growth in weekly conversions last year


This Pinterest statistic claims that people were not just engaging with shopping, they were actually paying too.

From January to August 2020, there was a 300% increase in add-to-cart and real conversions.


5. 92% think Pinterest is a top-tier platform for positivity


In a poll of Pinterest advertisers (conducted by Pinterest), 92% of respondents ranked Pinterest first on overall reputation—ahead of eight leading platforms.

A positive environment provides advertisers with better results, because people are more likely to remember positively, and trust brands who show up in bright, healthy places.




How to conduct Marketing on Pinterest?


1. Get your Brands discovered through keywords


  • Conduct a Pinterest content strategy that optimizes relevant Pinterest keywords and search trends. Perhaps for 2022, you can develop a content calendar for a few months in advance and target significant holidays that may be related to your brand and products.


2. Use Pinterest as a visually engaged online store


  • Businesses should ensure that they have high-quality product photography. When creating your store branding on Pinterest, it’s important to display your products in a way that best catches your audience’s attention.


  • For brands that offer other services which don’t include selling goods, you can think of ways to direct traffic back to your website, such as sharing a link to an ebook. Put effort into developing a strategy that identifies your potential customer’s pain points and highlights what you offer.


3. Create engaging Pinterest ads


  • Review the best practices of Marketing on Pinterest. This provides a general outlook of what to take into consideration when you develop your marketing campaign.


  • Elaborate on your brand and the product or service you’re creating ads for. Social media ads help tell your brand story in an authentic way to the target audience. Certain advertisement formats will have restrictions on some specific images or videos. Consider how to tell your brand story that can immediately capture viewers’ attention.


Emma Trinh About the author

Being a Marketing Management Graduate, I view myself more as a humanitarian enthusiast. You are more likely to find me journaling, speculating the streets, or conversing with a good friend. That's where the messages I want to convey come from. Through writing and digital assistance, I strive for connection with our community.




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